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    Hello everyone, my name is lou and i would like to ask if anyone could help me. I got a call for a clogged bathtub, so i got there and used a general super vee and fed the pop out and the snaked out 20ft and it wouldn't go any farther. The tenant then told me that the apartment in back of her there tub was also backed up. So i figure i would take a look at the other apartment. They have a shower tub, so i try the drain in thr center of the tub. Same thing the snake stops at the 20 foot mark and no luck. I then go outside and look at the stacks and find the main 4" and then try that. I know that it couldn't have been the main cause nothing else was back up. So i tried and tried thinking where and what could i do for them. There was another vertical stack above kitchen but i thought no way that couldn't possibily solve my problem. Any suggestions would help thanks.