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  • Mapping Drain Layout

    I recently posted another thread about adding to a yard drain line. I initially assumed that the drain was a straight pipe and began digging about 20' from one of the inlets - however, I cannot find any drain there. The top of the drain pipe is about 14" from the top of the soil and at 20' away at 24" I cannot find any drain line. So I assume the drain must have a different route.

    The only way I would think of figuring this out was the hire a plumber with a sewer camera and send the camera down the drain. Apart from this is there any other way to figure out how the drain has been laid out.

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    Re: Mapping Drain Layout

    google tile probe. breid...............


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      Re: Mapping Drain Layout

      I'll come do it but you have to take my family and I to Sea World.


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        Re: Mapping Drain Layout

        Sure thing trent. So the question is - is seeing Seaworld worth bringing your expensive seesnake all the way here .

        Thanks for the suggestion breid. I googled it and it seems it is some form of rod you poke into the soil to try and find the pipe. That would be a nice solution but I live in an area that has clay soil and lots of small to med size boulders. I've been told these are some form of Blue Granite. Some of them are quite pretty and with color enhancing sealer look really pretty and would look good in decorative applications. But the clay and rocks makes digging very diificult and poking something through the soil is pretty much impossible.

        I did all the soil excavation for the new patio with a jackhammer. For small sections a mattock or pick axe does work but it is very slow and dangerous. I tried that (with goggles and a faceshield) and switched to a jackhammer after a rock I hit shattered and sliced my arm near the elbow.


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          Re: Mapping Drain Layout

          i'm 120 miles away

          i can get you a referral in san diego if needed. let me know and i can give you his #. he's probably got more camera time than all of us

          4-5 camera jobs a day.

          althought it's been a few months since i've been to the wild animal park. they now have the zip line to go with the segway tours

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Mapping Drain Layout

            Thanks Rick - yes sure can you please send me his contact details (phone and/or email). You can PM me the info. I just had an email from another homeowner in our community who says the home builder (Cornerstone Homes) has the yard drain layout for all of our homes. I will check with them - if they cannot help out I will need to hire someone with a drain camera.

            Yes, I heard about the Zip Line at the wild animal park - some friends of mine went on it. It has been some years since I was at the park. Conincidentally from what I recall the visit was on a superbowl day so the place was not busy at all.

            However, I fly over it quite frequently in a Cessna 172 - but at 4000' you cannot see the zip line