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Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

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  • Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

    Hello to All,

    I am searching for a hand tool for professional use.
    I am stuck at Ridgid K-25 Hand spinner.

    Unfortunately on the website there is no picture of the drummer(the thing in which the cable sits in). So i can't see if the drummer is opened or closed. The description doesn't tell either.

    ------ Other company products to illustrate what i mean by "opened" and "closed" -----
    This one is opened ->
    This one is closed ->

    Can anybody who have used this tool to share with me if the drum is opened or closed ?

    Personally i am kind of confused should it be opened or closed. I think that if it is opened there maybe sprinkles of water splashing on my face or hands depending on the position in which i am when unclogging the drain.
    On the other hand when u are finished with the drain and you leave your tool, the closed drummer will not let the water to leak out of it, and the cable inside rusts faster, because of the water evaporation becoming harder.
    So I see there are compromises that should be made, and i want your advices

    Thanks in advance, you have great forum, i found it yesterday
    Greetings from Bulgaria, East Europe

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    Re: Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

    I don't own a k-25, but I would suggest an open drum over a closed one.

    The site has alot of members who are far more experienced than I am.... Hopefully one of them has the answers you need.


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      Re: Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

      Don`t waste your money on a toy a K-25 Hand spinner get K-39 to start with and you want look back.



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        Re: Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

        WHOOO ,Rick cuts roots with the K-25
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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          Re: Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

          Just get the K-39AF and you will be a happy man.


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            Re: Ridgid K-25 Hand Spinner

            use search for renee or josh. use show posts. use personal message. if they can't help you they will recommend some one. they are ridgid employes. they may be off for week end. breid....................