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How do I remove old steel bathtub drain pipe?

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  • How do I remove old steel bathtub drain pipe?

    I am replacing a tub and the old trap and drain pipe are 3" threaded steel with some brownish gunk sealing the threads.

    The old brass tubing from the tub connected to the trap using a short piece of threaded steel pipe. I attempted to remove this using a pipe wrench, but all I did was bend up the exposed few inches.

    Changing tactics, I attempted to remove the trap from the drain pipe at an elbow where the pipe goes through a floor joist. The pipe wrench did not budge it despite considerable force.

    Is there some trick to loosening this stuff? I plan to connect ABS to the old steel drain at some point; someone did something similar at an elbow when they installed a shower in another bathroom, and I'm following that example. Since I'm replacing the subfloor I want to do the best thing while I have access.

    Sawing the pipe and using a compression joint seems like a bad idea to me, but I'm not sure what else to do.

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    Re: How do I remove old steel bathtub drain pipe?

    Cut the pipe off with a sawzall or hack saw. you said you were replacing the tub and all so you have nothing to lose by just cutting it off. Go down stream from the trap and cut the old pipe off making sure you cut it as straight as you can, then tie on new plastic line with a low flex steel banded coupling and install new tub waste and trap.
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