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    Re: PEX question for the experts

    I recently replaced some leaking Wirsbo/Uphonor where the brass fittings had corroded away and a bunch of the fittings were leaking.

    This customer has a acidic water condition and this PEX is installed between the well pump system and the acid neutralizer as well as running to 2 frost-proof sillcocks. Years ago when I originally replaced the rapidly dissolving copper pipes the customer and I discussed brass fittings vs. plastic fittings and at the time didn't have the confidence in the plastic fittings so we decided to go with the brass knowing they would eventually fail. We felt it was a big improvement over copper in this application and it was.

    This time around we felt the time for plastic fittings had arrived and went that route now the system should be good to go...

    So Yes...

    Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
    One that is compatible with the environment you will be installing it in. You may need to find a local plumber to answer that question.

    That is the answer!
    Choosing the best possible materials to use in your application is the answer.
    In this particular application copper was vulnerable to the acidic water conditions, CPVC was exposed to being damaged by objects striking it, plastic PEX fittings available at the time of installation did not have a high enough durability for confidence, so PEX with brass was the material of choice.

    At the time of the original installation there really was no perfect answer and the route we chose was the lesser of evils.
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      Re: PEX question for the experts

      Viega with bronze fittings is my first choice 2nd would be propex (uponor)
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