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Tempress II Cartridge crapped out

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  • Tempress II Cartridge crapped out

    Hey ladies and gents,

    First off, I know nothing about plumbing - But I'm a pretty handy guy and learn fast.

    I was turning off the shower tonight and the knob just kept on turning and turning and the cold water kept blasting. So, I had to turn the water off in the boiler closet and now my whole apartment doesn't have water. After some investigative work, I was able to take out the cartridge and determine that it is stripped or broken in some way. The front "shaft" just keeps rotating as if it's not gripping onto anything.

    The knob always felt "soft" when turning off the water, so I guess this crappy cartridge is to blame. After some reading on these forums, I found that the Tempress II is indeed a low-end cartridge. I can only find one place online that sells it so I'm hoping that some local plumbing supply might have them. So my questions for you pros are:

    1) Are these cartridges common at local stores and is $73 a normal price?

    2) Are these proprietary cartridges or can I replace it when a better brand?

    3) When I get my hands on the cartridge, is there any reason I can't just slip it in there myself as opposed to hiring a plumber?

    4) In the case that I have to order it online, it will be days with a broken shower and a shower that is blasting water while I use other water sources in the apartment. I cannot find any other place to shut off the water supply besides the boiler. Is there anyway I can manipulate the cartridge or cartridge housing to stop blasting water?

    I appreciate any advice from you experts. If you have any questions about computers, I could probably answer those for you ;]


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    Re: Tempress II Cartridge crapped out

    matt funny you brought this up tonight. i was just talking to newport brass today about 1 of their faucets and before i hung up with the customer service rep, i made sure to tell them that the tempress valve they use is junk

    junk, junk and more junk. of all the valves i work on, the tempress is as junky as it gets.

    sounds like your positive limit stop was missing. this is a brass clip that is on the end of the shaft spline that prevents the stem from turning beyond the limit.

    sorry, but unless you have built in stops on that valve or shut off valves behind an access panel, you need to shut off the hot and cold main to service that piece of junk valve you have.

    did i tell you that the tempress was junk guess what, there is little that makes my blood boil, tempress is one of them. kohler is a close second

    i would contact your super for some help as the valve will continue to leak until you fix it.

    tempress sucks, sorry, but i can't stress it enough.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Tempress II Cartridge crapped out

      Thank you, Rick - Yes it apparently does suck

      After checking out installation diagrams online, I can confirm that the stop is missing. That is probably why the cartridge broke! I also think the filters (which should be in the same metal housing that the cartridge lives in?) are missing. Whoever installed this is about as useful as a Tempress II cartridge!


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        Re: Tempress II Cartridge crapped out

        the filters are in the plastic seats that ride outside the cartridge and insert into the brass valve body.

        some of them have a built in check valve incorporated into the filters.

        junk, junk and more junk.

        call up tempress and tell them you need a new cartridge. i believe they are a canadian company.

        don't now why grohe, newport brass and others use this junky valve. but i was reading today that altmans no longer uses the tempress valve in their line.

        give tempress a call, maybe they will send you one, but you need the limit stop and possibly the high limit stop too.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Tempress II Cartridge crapped out

          What do you use for a " Remote temp. pressure balance valve" for 2 handle shower valves? Is their another brand out there?