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High Water Table Issue

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  • High Water Table Issue

    Hello all,

    I purchased a home this past summer on the south shore of Long Island (south of Merrick Rd for those of you familiar with the area). I had no known issues in the basement until the heavy rains and snow we experienced this year. I was re-doing the basement anyway, so ripped up the nasty carpet and paneling that was there. I did not see any cracks in the foundation or floor, but quite a bit of effloresence on the foundation walls. It's a little hard to tell where water comes in, but it seems like it is near the seam and/or coming up from the floor. I'm pretty sure I have a high water table (there is a creak across the street and south shore LI in general has high water tables). In addition to this occassional water getting in, the humidity level down there is extremely high. I have a dehumidifier that does the job and I am amazed at how much water it sucks in, even after the summer.

    There is a sump hole on the exterior of the home along that foundation wall. After inspection and concerns, I ended up replacing both the pump (with a brand new Ridgid) and the electrical outlet itself. Ironically, whenever I do get water it seems to be right in line with where this sump hole is on the outside of the home. I have tested the pump numerous times by pouring a bucket of water down there and it seems to work properly.

    Not sure how to fix the problem, hoping to get some advice before getting carried away. There is a gutter drain on that side of the house that I will definitely put a concrete slab under and try and run further from the house (I do notice it pools up a bit over there). I can also do a bit of regrading, but the house overall is not at a low point, so maybe a few yards of soil right up against the house. I called in a professional who wanted to add a french drain system on the inside. That won't stop the water from getting in though, and I don't think I even get enough water to warrant the investment (not even enough to use a wet vac, a mop suffices). Aside from dealing with the grading and the gutters, I think I should dig up the pipe that runs water from the ground into the sump hole to see if it is clogged with sediment. That's a good amount of effort, so if you have any advise before I grab my shovel I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Personally, I think any water is too much water. Am I just going to have to live with the fact that I get a little water sometimes? My plans for down there once I get this resolved is to add a layer of self-leveling compound followed by tiling. In all honesty that might make it high enough where I will never see water again, but not sure if I should do all that before addressing this issue.

    Thanks in advance for all those with suggestions.

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    Re: High Water Table Issue

    One of our forum administrators "Josh" resolved his issue with basement moisture and made an informative thread along with it.


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      Re: High Water Table Issue

      This is My Music. Too much to give a short answer. Excavate to Footings outside. Waterproof membrane.perforated Drain tile ,filter fabric around gravel and pipe to daylite or exterior sump pit. All down spouts plumbed AWAY from home. Backfill sloped away From home ,and compacted. We do this under the watch of soils Eng. Anything short of this[ and most do]
      is pissing into the wind !! Good luck
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: High Water Table Issue

        tool is spot on. breid...................


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          Re: High Water Table Issue

          Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
          One of our forum administrators "Josh" resolved his issue with basement moisture and made an informative thread along with it.
          how to find that thread?


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            use advanced search function. key word "basement" and user name "josh". you will have to rummage through posts. also i would google "how to waterproof a basement". breid.................