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    actually there are specialty tools for an angle stop if you're into production. sure a 15/16'' open end will fit it perfectly, but a ratcheting 15/16'' split flare nut wrench will make life fast and easy. plus an angle stop hold back socket. we use more of the 1/2'' slip joint size than the 3/8'' compression nut. but the socket is tooled for both 1/2'' s.j. and 3/8'' comp.

    spending the $50. is wise when you do it for a living and foolish for the 1 time use.

    phoebe it is


    • Re: Shark Bite Connection

      Ahhh The Smell of Scorched Bread :-)

      Never forget the builder that Bought a couple hundred Imported Sweat angle stops for like .97 cents each ... They came aroud and bit him in the Azz Big time ... LOL

      Here in Fl We put a CPVC Wing El in the wall and shove an accor on the finished side ...LOL


      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      both a flare and compression joint are legal connections. the flare is better for an environment subject to vibration.

      ron please explain how you solder a angle stop on when there is water in the line and won't stop dripping. do you install a 1/2'' mip adapter and jet sweat it on? do you remove the stem and stuff it with bread?

      a compression angle stop is a proven system around the country. in my 34 years in the trade, i don't think i've seen more than a couple sweat angle stops and have never had 1 specified on a job. this includes schools, residential, commercial, industrial, and government work.

      of course ball valve, gate valves and integral stops are typically sweat valves. angle stops, never. my personal use of angle stops is a split between ips and compression. not even sure if the supply house stocks sweat angle stops.

      how do you keep the chrome on the estucion or angle stop from discoloring?

      not that you ever did new construction, but do they also solder all the angle stops on in a large scale building? how long does it take to drain a 4 story building and solder on angle stops?

      i just can't imagine any builder thinking a solder angle stop is good for business