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Gas Hot Water Heater Problem

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  • Gas Hot Water Heater Problem

    This morning I had no hot water. I checked the water heater and the gas is on and the burner is lit. I can hear it and the exhaust vent is hot - very hot. I ran the hot water for several minutes to exchange the water in the tank (40 gallon) and then left if for a few hours. I just tried and still have no hot water. If I hold the copper pipe exiting the tank, it feels barely warm - I'm guessing room temperature or so. The copper line feeding the tank is obviously very cold so the heater is doing something. The exhaust vent is still very hot so it is lit and running. The thermostat is untouched and still about midway between hot and cold.

    The tank was in the house when I bought it and I believe it is about 15 - 18 years old. It was a rental but 3 years ago when I bought the house I bought it out - the buyout was less than 3 months rent.

    Any suggestions

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    Re: Gas Hot Water Heater Problem

    Dip Tube has probably failed causing a cross-over. Based on the age of the heater, you're probably better off having it replaced by a licensed plumber.

    Good luck.



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      Re: Gas Hot Water Heater Problem

      JC is probably right about the dip and replacement but just for fun let's shut the cold water inlet valve off and wait an hour.

      Turn it back on then see if you have hot water


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        Re: Gas Hot Water Heater Problem

        Problem solved. I didn't do anything but now have hot water. I suspect, although she denies it, that my daughter left the hot water running in her apartment downstairs after she took a bath and went to work.

        I'll have to keep an eye on it to see if it reoccurs.

        Thanks for the input. If she really didn't leave it running and it happens again, I'll make the dreaded phone call.