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How to fix PVC joint leak on whirlpool tub

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  • How to fix PVC joint leak on whirlpool tub


    I bought a spa tub that is a few years old but never installed. When I tested the unit with water all works well but there is a small drip leak from one of the PVC coupling joints that is part of the jet assembly. Please click the link below to see a picture of the leaking pipe.

    I don't know if there were any handling issues (lifting by the pipe) before I purchased the tub, but regardless I am looking for some advice to fix this leak. If this was not part of the jet I would cut out the faulty PVC and use coupler to rebond the pipes. I don't want to cut at the jet if possible, and simply adding more PVC bond is not a lasting repair.

    It is leaking right at the joint where you see the pull tie - looks like an excessive amount of bonding material (blue) at this joint.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: How to fix PVC joint leak on whirlpool tub

    You can cut that joint out and get the pipe out of the fitting then re-glue.

    Won't be easy 'cause you can get "locked in". (Unable to get the joints together because there is no movement in the pipe.)

    I have seen a leak stopped by roughing the joint and applying primer & glue around the joint.

    And some have done the same procedure while applying vacuum to "pull" the glue in.

    Otherwise you might have to cut the T out and replace it with one.