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Pipe puller value

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  • Pipe puller value

    I have 2 old Ridgid tools that my dad called pipe pullers. Have a long handle, a "V" shaped seat that the pipe sits in, and chains to wrap around the pipes. Do these have any value? Who would be interested in purchasing them?

    Here is a link to similar items saw on ebay. Mine are aluminum handles, not cast. Could not figure out how to post my pictures.
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    Re: Pipe puller value

    A pic would help
    I have a puller that sounds similar to what you are talking about
    The old man that gave it to me used it as a puller to line machinery up
    Not only pipes ...
    On the farm i would think it would be handy
    If my dad had gave it to me would be priceless


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      Re: Pipe puller value

      is it like this?

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        Re: Pipe puller value

        there's another style that straddles the hub and pulls it together.

        phoebe it is