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    Re: Double Flush

    Originally posted by wizzy View Post
    I wish it was a flapper on a chain but this toilet has a tube in the center and the the flapper rides up and down the tube when you push the handle the rod pulls the round flapper up. So can't figurer away to make it close faster? Every 3 months or so I get called over to auger the toilet which is really a easy job. Tried to get the older woman to do it them selfs but don't want to. I'm thinking the double flush is causing the blockage? So if not a easy fix would a new toilet take care of this problem? I don't want to tell them to have a plumber put in a new toilet and still be calling me every three months after that. What do you think?

    Sound to me like it has a toothbrush stuck in the trap. Lot of times they won't always stop up. Occasionally she will flush a big wad of paper and it gets hung up on the toothbrush.

    Regardless of what is causing the problem, a new toilet would def. fix the clogging problem. Since the blockage can be cleared with a hand auger.
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