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  • parallal Rinaii

    i have 2 exsisting rinaiis and want to add one more. What is the best way to do this while maintaining even draw?

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    Re: parallal Rinaii

    rinnais website has piping diagrams that should take care of your needs, check it out and you can download the drawing that suits your needs best


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      Re: parallal Rinaii

      If you run a thermostat wire between the units they will communicate with each other also. It helps to monitor their flow rates and burner efficiency.


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        Re: parallal Rinaii

        There is no need to worry about how to pipe them in for an even draw. Just make sure you use a controller that can run multiple units. The controller will work the servo's in each unit so only one will fire during light loads and it will fire in the next unit as the load increases.

        If this seems a bit complected to you, you should contact the local Rinnai rep and have him help you with the components you need and the design of the system.

        What model # is currently installed?

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