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Oil leak in SP-500 sump pump

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  • Oil leak in SP-500 sump pump

    Hi. I'm trying to decide whether to repair or replace my SP-500. I don't know the exact age, but it is a few years old. The float switch needs to be replaced, and while I had the pump out to test it I noticed a thin oil film on the testing water. The switch failed while our water table was very high, after heavy rain (of course), and I was very busy with an important project so couldn't mess with it for a few days. It had run dry and shut off multiple times, I'm sure.

    So maybe I should pitch it, but it's still cheaper to repair and I'd feel a tad better about not adding this to the landfill before its time. Does it probably need a new seal? I see the other parts for sale on the company site, and the oil, but not the seal. Is this something I can just replace with a hardware store generic, or can I order it from Ridgid?

    Am I asking for trouble? I'm a water gardener, so am not at all uncomfortable messing with pumps, but I'm not a pro or anything.


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    Re: Oil leak in SP-500 sump pump

    Um, ok, it was a stupid question that's been answered a million times and I should have known enough to search your archived posts. I did, and have ordered a new pump. Thanks for reading.