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  • Hot Water Faster

    My mother lives in a small home I own in a retirement community. Two small bathrooms (both full) and the kitchen (sink only) are located 50 to 60 feet from the water heater, which is located in the garage. I pretty much understand the pros and cons of hot water recirculation systems (gravity and pumped). I also know what's involved in installing a tankless water heater closer to the bathrooms, but that seems like a lot work and expense for faster hot water. Currently, the hot water is fed through a 3/4" line with 1/2" branches near the baths and kitchen. About 10 feet of the 3/4" line is under the garage slab and 40 to 50 feet is in the crawl space under the house. Since a 1/2" line has a little less than half the capacity of a 3/4" line, what are the pros and cons of replacing the 3/4" line in the crawl space with three 1/2" lines, one to each bath and the kitchen. Would this result in water reaching the baths and kitchen twice as fast and waste less water, or would it just save water?
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    Re: Hot Water Faster

    Are both bathrooms close to one another? If so run a half inch line from the farthest bathroom connected to the hot water line. Install this in the crawl space to the water heater and install a re-circulating pump at the heater. Call a license plumber to install the system correctly.

    There is also a retro fitting re-circulating pump that uses the cold water line as the re-circulating line and the pump is installed in the hot water line off the water heater. There is a thermostatic valve that opens at 93 degrees and shuts off at 103 degrees that mounts under the cabinet.


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      Re: Hot Water Faster

      Google "Grundfos Comfort System"

      I've installed a few of these systems, works great. Ideal for your situation.



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        Re: Hot Water Faster

        I think you'll find the Lang (Laing?) pump an easier install. Just four flex lines and the pump under the farthest lavatory or kitchen sink and then everything in between is taken care of.
        The pump installed is in the $500 range. You could do it yourself if you can find the pump. You will, of course, need a 120v receptacle under the lav.
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          Re: Hot Water Faster

          Used both without issue.