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  • Cable repair

    I am new to plumbing but live in a house on a slab with large oak trees. I have been cleaning the drains out for years with rental drain cleaners. I recemtly found and bought a Ridgid K 750 drain cleaner with a 3/4" 125 foot cable. It needs a new end on it and I am not sure how to go about fixing it. Could one of you guys help me out and give me a lesson on cable repair 101. I am going to have to also buy new cutters as the person I bought this unit from could not find any of the old cutters.

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    Re: Cable repair

    basically you need the front female connector. cut the cable clean with a chop saw, or grinder with a cut off wheel. don't over heat the end if you can go slow great.

    the new connector screws on and i found that if you use a vice to hold the cable, then you can screw the connector on with either a vice grip or a screwdriver shaft inserted into the female opening.

    i found that you don't need to weld the end on with the 3/4'' cable connector. if you want to use locktite, great just clean the ends of dirt and oil.

    as far as cutters go, when you order the connector, you can order the cutters.

    i prefer a shark tooth or spiral root saw cutter.

    either go on line or find a local shop to order the parts for you.

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      Re: Cable repair

      manual on the K750
      Cat. No. Model No. Description
      31487 .... A-7570 .... 5/8" Repair Splicer
      92805 .... A-6582 .... 5/8" Male Coupling
      92810 .... A-6583 .... 5/8" Female Coupling
      31492 .... A-7571 .... 3/4" Repair Splicer
      92880 .... B-6840 .... 3/4" Male Coupling
      92885 .... B-6841 .... 3/4" Female Coupling

      cut the cable off clean (I find a cut off wheel on a small grinder works well), pull a little of the inner core out a little and cut it off so it is a tad shorter, and let it back in, screw in the coupler end, and spot weld it.

      here is a how to sheet from Spartan
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