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Any plumbers in Oklahoma?

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  • Any plumbers in Oklahoma?

    I'm a journeyman plumber in Texas. my wife and I are thinking of moving up to the Oklahoma City\Moore area for varrious reasons. Plumbing is good here in Texas. It take 8 years here to get your masters. The code here in Texas is realy getting inforced. The handyman has a hard time here making it because the plumbing code is realy beefing up and getting inforced.

    Anyway about Oklahoma, anyone here work there? How is there plumbing up there? Do they have much code and license, or is it just handyman?

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    Re: Any plumbers in Oklahoma?

    Go to Borders book store. Get an Ok. Sun Paper. Look at Plumbers help wanted, Home prices, It''ll be loaded with info You need to know . Good Luck. Sent a 6 week subscription Years ago for a family member Years ago, in another area. He arrived with a job an rental!
    Good luck
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .