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Question of the Day! Sewer/Drainage Line Collapse

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  • Question of the Day! Sewer/Drainage Line Collapse

    Building: 90 Year Old Duplex
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Problem Type: Basement Drain / Sanitary Drain

    Property's basement drain started having an problem handling waste water from washer. 1 drain flows into a basin drain and then out of the building. Had line inspected/located and determined path that the drain takes is under the L shape garage which is 3 feet from the back of the building. The plumber that inspected the line stated that it was collapsed. This means the floor of the garage will need to be dug out to approximately 7-9 feet to access the collapsed pipe. There is a manhole located directly behind the garage.

    I've attached a .pdf and .jpg of the layout.

    I have a call into the city to see if they have any prints regarding tap locations to the sewer.

    1) Is it possible that the basement drain and main soil stack do not connect near the house? Do older homes have separate systems? The drain in the basement backed up, but there is no problem flushing toliets or taking showers.

    2) Is the best approach to dig it out and replace the collapsed section? Any other options?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Question of the Day! Sewer/Drainage Line Collapse

    it might be that the basement drain runs out into a gravel bed that finally reached a saturation point, you could very well go to the trouble of digging up your floor only to find that that was the end of the pipe.

    I'd almost think it likely if nothing else is backing up into the basement.
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      Re: Question of the Day! Sewer/Drainage Line Collapse

      Your local [ EXPERIENCED] plumber will be familiar with how the drains were run in that area Years ago. Answers from the West coast may be guesses! Good luck!
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