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direct burial natural gas line

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  • direct burial natural gas line

    diy person... i have recently purchased a rinnai RC80hpe. Using Pex tubing with the Sharkbite connectors... according to the specs/certifications it seems like a good choice for me for the water connections. My question is , my application requires a direct burial of the natural gas line from the location of the to be installed gas meter to the tankless heater, about 20 feet, with anodized risers on both ends. The local plumbing supply house quotes me $ 82.00 each..seemed high to me.. My local gas company is also going to install a riser and I guess a meter later. ( I never had gas at my house ). Could the riser that the supply house quoted me be for the service entrance type are could the risers be the same?? . Yes , I have a almost retired plumber who will leak test the lines, pressures, so there are no problems. I'm doing the manual stuff and he the technical, licensed details stuff for his money. thanks for any advise you may want to share.. tx. john b