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join the existing sump pump or install another?

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  • join the existing sump pump or install another?

    This March our 'dry' basement got water. The portion with french drain and sump pump was ok but other areas were bad. please refer to my drawing attached. The dot line is existing french drain system. We are thinking add interior french drain to the rest of the basement. My questions:
    1. just connect the new french drain to the existing system and share the same sump pump or add another sump pump in another corner?
    2. how to determine how big the sump pump should be to be able to throw water out and keep basement no water?
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    Re: join the existing sump pump or install another?

    In your basement every 1" of water represents about 1000 gallons. Most sumps can handle a minimum 2000 gallons / hr (depends on head and HP). If you never saw more than 1" rise per hr I would suggest that any typical pump could handle the entire basement. I am not sure what you mean by french drain - I have a 'French drain' system in my basement so I do not require a sump pump. My pit is connected to a line under the basement that drains into a ditch so no pump required.