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RootX How Much Water for 6-10 Feet

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  • RootX How Much Water for 6-10 Feet


    I got 6" sewer pipes that go 25' to the street. Lots of roots are growing at 6 & 10 feet from the cleanout (not including ground level to bottom of cleanout pipe) with less going to the street according the video from the plumber. I understand I need 4lbs of Rootx. Instructions says to use 4-5 gallons of water to push it out. Since most of what I want done is close at 6 & 10 feet, how much water should I use to ensure the foaming happens there?


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    Re: RootX How Much Water for 6-10 Feet

    if you pour the water slowly, it will stay real close. have a plunger ready in case it wants to start foaming up the cleanout. or just pop on the cap.

    the root-x needs to foam and raise to the top of the pipe. too much water and you'll dilute the foaming action. too fast and you'll push it past your starting point.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: RootX How Much Water for 6-10 Feet

      Very intersting Rick!! I knew you were the expert with this stuff.

      How much water then should I pour slowly down the cleanout? Still 3-5 gallons? Are we talking 1 gal in 30 seconds slowness?

      Also, my sewer is connected to the house drain tiles and after the terrible rains we just had there's about 1/4" of water running down the bottom of the pipe. Should I wait til it stops, may be days for that to happen.



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        Re: RootX How Much Water for 6-10 Feet

        you don't want that water from the drain tile; it'll tend to wash the rootx out before it has time to work... might be ok as it sounds like it's just a slow flow on the bottom, but it's not what you want. Get danlawrence's opinion; he's the rootx yoda.
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          Re: RootX How Much Water for 6-10 Feet

          What they said...... Thanks guys.

          I am sorry I haven't been on much the last week I have been really busy I was promoted and I now am in charge of 26 US States, PR and eight Canadian provinces. I have a lot on my plate right now. I appreciate you guys being on top of things!