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Water in basement - where from?

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  • Water in basement - where from?


    I had my usual seepage in the basement after a few days of rain and terrible storm. It comes in where the cinder block meets the floor. I drilled a hole in one of the cinder blocks and water came out.

    Would this indicate water is seeping through the side of the house filling the holes in the blocks or would it more likely be coming from underneath the house?

    How can I tell if the side of the house needs to be sealed or I need a sump system next to the footing or under the house? Either is an expense that will be a burden and getting it wrong would be even worse.


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    Re: Water in basement - where from?

    How old is the house? How long has this been going on? Do you water your yard?


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      Re: Water in basement - where from?

      House is 40 yrs old. Been happening with major storms once ground is saturated for 3 or 4 years now. Don't water the yard. Have french drains on side of house with problem. After thursday's storm, that side of property was the most dry of the property since we put in the french drains. They said we had 3.5" of rain in 24 hrs in addition to a couple of days of rain previously. Also, there's drain tiles under the house that tie into the sewer and I can see water draining (not sewage) from the cleanout. Once rain stops, the seeping stops as well after 1-2 hrs.

      This type of problem stinks as the only way you can test if a fix works is to have the conditions I mentioned.

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