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  • Need Advice Please

    Well I am looking to replace the three toilets in my house. They were put in by the builder during construction so I am sure they are the cheap ones. They seem to be, however I know nothing when it comes to plumbing. I want to replace them with the toilets that have the high pressure flush like the ones you see when out at restaurants etc. The toilets I currently have usually require two flushes. So guys, what brand and class do I want? Help me out please. Also, is the installation a pretty easy process? Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: Need Advice Please

    The best flushing toilet I have ever seen is made by Western Pottery. No pressure tank or fancy gadgets inside, just very well enginereed. I like it so much I pulled my toilet and took it with me when we moved. It will flush 6 golf balls, 6- 1" floating plastic balls and 2 handfulls or marbels on demonstrations every time.


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      Re: Need Advice Please

      American Standard and Kohler both offer pressure assisted toilets with the
      Sloan system that has a separate tank inside the porcelain tank.
      Installation is the same as for a regular 12" rough-in toilet. The initial cost
      is in the $600 range, and parts are more expensive if you ever need them.
      Since most of us don't poop ping-pong balls or marbles, I wouldn't be
      impressed with a toilet's ability to do that. Most stoppages I see are from
      paper and/or sticky turds with the occasional foreign object stuck in the trap.


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        Re: Need Advice Please

        I will never sell anyone a pressure assisted water closet. I end up replacing more and more of these due to multiple problems.
        1. People tend to push to hard on the handle due to the resistance the pressure assist puts against it and they break the handle
        2. Units need rebuilding on a regular basis to keep it flushing proper
        3. Parts are expensive
        4. The flush is long and stretched out which does not give a good slug of water to carry the waste far down the line so I see many stopped up sewers due to these water closets.
        If you want a good flushing water closet I put in the Kohler's with the Class 5 flushing system. They use a much larger flapper which dumps the water into the bowl which causes a good fast flush. Since the flush is quick and short the water slug that travels down the sewer line so it will carry the waste further down the drain.
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          Re: Need Advice Please

          i have 2 american standard pressure assist toilets that are 16 years old and have never needed service or a plunger

          i did just change 1 so that the new bidet seat will fit. the new one is a kohler with the same sloan pressure tank inside.

          truthfully, with the newer better flushing low flow toilets out there. i would stay away from the pressure flush as it's most likely not needed anymore.

          i like the new american standard champion toilets with the flapper. not the older flush tower. uses an everyday fluidmaster ballcock and the flapper is the large 3'' quick flushing style.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Need Advice Please

            GERBER, sold buy your plumbing professional.