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Tougher Than It Looks

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  • Tougher Than It Looks

    God Bless Plumbers and All Tradesmen! Fifteen years ago I did the last of my major homeowner plumbing work, shut offs to some sinks and a oil boiler install. My back still feels the hurt of crounching in that crawlspace, I don't know how you guys do it on a regular basis?

    Today, I took a look around the crawlspace to check things out, next week we are going to see my oldest daughter graduate college and I wanted to make sure everything looked okay. Sure enough a real slow drip from a 1/2" copper tee with calcium forming from the leak. I could have put a bucket under the tee since it was so slight, but I'm not like that. Got all my tools, flux, solder, torch and $15 later a 10' length of copper from Home Depot.

    I was nervous as I shut the water down, bled the line and proceeded to cut the pipe about four inches from the tee. Getting the bad piece of pipe out of the tee was a struggle, but I did it. I did my best to clean the inside of the old tee, along with the piece out pipe and straight coupling.

    Hit the tee and coupling with the torch and everything is holding so far

    I feel good about how it all turned out, but it sure has not gotten easier with age! My hats off to all of you who do this work. I know my little repair is a joke compared to the major repairs and installs a Pro does, but to me it was a wake up call.

    Am I right to have sweated in a new piece of copper after the joint leaked and got all cruddy? Don't tell me there was an easier fix.