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Do I need a j-trap?

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  • Do I need a j-trap?

    I live in an apartment with standard plumbing.
    In the kitchen there is a 2-basin sink with garbage disposal.

    Here's my problem: When I'm doing dishes and the second sink is stoppered (for washing the dishes), and I run the garbage disposal the stopper pops.

    The second sink has a 90 degree elbow and the pipe tees at the garbage disposal, and below that is the j-trap before the main drain.

    I'm wondering if putting a j-trap in place of the 90 degree might help keep the stopper from popping. Or would it cause more problems?

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    Re: Do I need a j-trap?

    It would be better to have separate traps for each sink compartment.
    (P-traps, that is). Assuming you have a single waste arm exiting the wall,
    you can install a wye and use the necessary fittings to reach the sink and
    disposer tail pieces. Or you can use a double wye and install a clean out
    in between the wyes, providing you have the room.


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      Re: Do I need a j-trap?

      Good idea. Thanks. I figured that the reason the stopper was popping was that when the disposal turned on, it pushed air into the second sink's drain.

      I'm going to work on the wye idea.
      And, yes - P-trap. LOL. I always get that wrong.

      If it ain't broke, I haven't seen it.


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        Re: Do I need a j-trap?

        Funny. I was wondering what a J-trap is.

        I know S-traps are illegal because too much water may be siphoned out.
        Many sinks in China have NO trap.
        Must keep them plugged to keep sewer gasses/odors out.
        Also the overflows must be plugged.

        When my wife and I return to China, I plan to purchase and install an S-trap for her parents and sister.
        The sink drain goes to the floor, not horizontally into the wall.
        I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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          Re: Do I need a j-trap?

          you need a diverter t

          run leg from no-disposer sink straight down.

          install diverter t on vertical down from no disposer sink. disposer discharge hooks into diverter t's side.

          all waste then goes out through bottom of diverter t, to trap, to wall.
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