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Sewer Gas Odor

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  • Sewer Gas Odor

    In my toilet room, there is a toilet and a tankless bidet. There is a strong odor of sewer gas, starting yesterday. I inspected the back of both fixtures and found no cracks or other obvious entry points for the gas. The water seal in the toilet trap is at the proper height. The fixtures are caulked all around with no breaks where they sit on the tile floor. There doesn't seem to be any trap for the bidet Any suggestions as to the cause of the gas odor?

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    Re: Sewer Gas Odor

    A real bidet has a trap below the floor.
    Perhaps it has dried out.
    Even with the stopper closed, the gas can come out the overflow opening in the bidet bowl.

    I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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      Re: Sewer Gas Odor

      Have you checked the sink and shower traps? Also might be good to do a good cleaning and disenfect the toilet and bidet to rule out any natural odor emanating from their use.


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        Re: Sewer Gas Odor

        Just cause that toilet is caulked doesn't mean that it is sealed, grab it on both sides and push side to side if loose, it is your wax ring seal to the flange.


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          Re: Sewer Gas Odor

          smells can be difficult to trace. most common and easiest to fix are dried out traps from seldom used fixtures... run water in everthing that has a drain.

          try to trace the smell to it's source. get down and sniff the junction of the toilet and of the bidet with the floor, and see if it is stronger there...

          it sounds this this was fine, then all of a sudden started to smell...

          what else happened that day?
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