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Propress vs. soldering

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    Re: Propress vs. soldering

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    the epdm seal is not subjected to flow. it's a seal and water is barely in contact with it. as the fitting gets crimped the seal is compressed tight against the walls of the pipe and grove of the fitting.

    please keep in mind that this system has been in the usa for over 10 years now and europe for more than 20.

    just for kicks, i might remove the seals from a sample of fittings and crimp them. then hook it up to a test bench and pressurize it. it would be interesting to see how much it can leak once it's crimped.

    of course i'll take photos.

    give me a week to play with it.


    Now that is something i'd be interested in the feedback. Let us know how that turns out Rick.


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      Re: Propress vs. soldering

      I love pro-press. It's really fast. I can get in and out in a matter of minutes and have the rest of the day to sit around and wait for the phone to ring. I also love PEX and AAV's and CSST and Sharkbites and all that other get er done quick stuff because it leaves me plenty of time to watch Oprah.

      BTW, commercial boiler job, installed 2 years ago using a lot of 2" and 1-1/2 pro-press fittings. ( not by us ) got a call last month. Most of the fittings near the boiler leaking from the O rings. tore 90% of it out and went to soldered fittings. Imagine that.

      Last month: screw hole through 3/4 Trac Pipe. Tore it all out. Re-pipe with steel

      Last winter: Nasty stank in kitchen. Failed AAV. tore it out, ran vent.

      Pex splits, pex fitting failures, too numerous to list here

      Shark bites


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        Re: Propress vs. soldering

        my customers love propress too. while they were use to having the water off for hours to fix the copper or install a shut off valve, i have it back on in minutes.

        the customer is not without water all day, and i can get to the next job.

        i have yet to pull out 1 leaking propress fitting.

        but i do have 5- 55 gallon drums of scrap soldered copper waiting to be cashed in.

        have yet to be called on a csst leak. but i have a pool gas line to replace i looked at yesterday and a gas leak under a house this morning.

        pex i have little experience with as california just recently approved it. but i would seriously consider it for repipes.

        every product has it's strong and weak points. if it's installed as per code and the manufactures standard, there should be no reason to have an issue.

        see if you can find a propress 90 and compare it's construction to a solder 90. there is no comparison. the propress 90 weighs 3 times more and has a long sweep radius. the solder 90 is thin and tight turn.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Propress vs. soldering

          Rick what do you think about the bonding requirements do you believe it truly protect the c.s.s.t. from lightning or indirect strikes? I was all ready to use gas tite got the catalog fro R.E. Michel and the slide scale but then figured I would play around on here and see what the talk was on the forum and found out about the bonding , then saw it in the manual , then found pictures of it damaged by indirect lightning strikes on google , then saw the new requirements when I downloaded the new NFPA-54 2009 . I would think you have looked in to this what is your take on it?