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Can I use smaller pipe?

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  • Can I use smaller pipe?

    I recently purchased an Aqua Pro 1/2 HP model SEP-500, but it has a 2" and 3" combo outlet. My existing sump plumbing is 1-1/2". Can I use a 2" to 1-1/2" adapter to fit the new pump? Would it affect it in any way? Or do I have to rip everything out and install 2" pipe? The sump pump is used for rain drainage ( sometimes up to three days in a heavy storm or my wacky neighbor who leaves his sprinkler on for 3 days) and laundry water.

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    Re: Can I use smaller pipe?

    reducing down to 1.5'' will cause some head pressure. since you're not pumping solids, the 1.5'' is fine, except that 1.5'' is 25% of 3'' cross sectional. what are the specs of the pump with the gpm and head curve.

    what are your specs, total length and head of lift?

    you might have an overkill of a pump right now and only need a dewatering pump.

    phoebe it is