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Kohler Memoirs Toilet Runs After Flushing

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  • Kohler Memoirs Toilet Runs After Flushing

    Good morning,
    Does anyone know how to stop the memoirs toilet from running after flushing? We currently have to remove the tank top and lift the lever after each flush. There is a knob that supposedly allows adjustment of water level, but we haven't found it to do anything at all. The toilet is just over a year old.

    Here is the link to the toilet on the Kohler site...

    Any help is appreciated. My husband has fiddled around with everything inside the tank to no avail.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Kohler Memoirs Toilet Runs After Flushing

    all you have is a flushvalve and a ballcock.

    the flushvalve/flapper lets the water out when you flush and if the chain is too long or holding up, the toilet will continue to run as the tank won't fill and stop. or with kohler, the flapper could be worn and rotted.

    the ballcock / fill valve is what refills the toilet tank. it's a fluidmaster design and is pretty simple to clean or adjust.

    if it continues to run and not shut off, it's probably dirt or grit that got under the diaphragm. if you lift up the black sliding cup/ float, does it stop filling? if it does, then it just needs an adjustment which is nothing more than a screw adjustment on the float height.

    here is a parts breakdown of your toilet. please use it to determine the parts you have and the issue you're experiencing.


    take a picture and post it if necessary.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Kohler Memoirs Toilet Runs After Flushing

      I would start with replacing the flapper and the ballcock.

      You could use a Fluidmaster 400 ballcock and a korky flapper. With the flapper get the one that looks similar to yours, ie. with a float or without a float.

      That should take care of the problem, 10 minute fix.


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        Re: Kohler Memoirs Toilet Runs After Flushing

        Thanks guys for the advice. I was able to fix it by tightening the water level guage thingy. It's the same thing I was turning before, but just not enough apparently. Thanks again!


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          Re: Kohler Memoirs Toilet Runs After Flushing

 just dropped the level a little so it filled up sooner?

          I'm having the same problem. I hope that's a proper fix.