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Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

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  • Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

    There's jetters, pressure washers, all basically working off the same premace.

    My question,

    Can a pressure washer rely solely on gravity flow of water into the pump, in order for it to operate, or does it have to require a static line pressure.

    I have a 550 gallon tank that I know if it is completely full, even half full, the pressure will be significant from a gravity point of view, and that's why I'm asking if it would satisfy the need for the pressure washer to engage and operate.

    I'm experimenting a little bit and thinking about valving down a pressure washer, a larger one to gain what I'm after.

    I have a backup design but I don't like the results, need more pressure.
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    Re: Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

    When I winterize my cart jetter I hook up a 5 gallon jug to it with the antifreeze I use and let the pump suck the fluid out and I still get 3000 PSI @ 4 GPM. So Gravity will work just fine.

    Same concept with a trailer jet 300 gallon storage tank gravity fed to the pump.
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      Re: Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

      This may help: After a devastating flood in our area back in '94, my Aunt's house was flooded over the ridge line of the roof. The home was of concrete block construction, even interior walls. We went in ASAP to pressure wash every thing including the attic space. There was no electricity nor running water. We used two (2) fifty-five (55) gallon plastic drums filled with water, plumbed together, with a fitting for a water hose to the pressure washer. The drums were on a trailer maybe 18" off the ground. The pressure washer did pull the water out of the drums rather well for our purpose. This was a 10 HP, 3700 PSI, 4.2 GPM unit. We had to make plenty of trips back to a water source for sure. So, a 550 gallon tank should give a little more head pressure and should work. David


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        Re: Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

        Jetters are plumbed with the pump feed hose( at tank) appx. the same level as the pump intake at the front of the pump.
        Once the pump is bleed of air,suction will take over.Just do not run dry if possible.


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          Re: Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

          Mount pump low relative to tank. Avoid any loops of plumbing or hose in the supply that go up and come back down and might trap an air pocket in them. Keep the run from the tank to the pump as short and direct as possible. If there are any valves in there, make sure they are full port ball valves, not globe valves. Oversize the inlet line, port on the tank, etc... go big! Make sure the tank is vented.

          Long story short; don't be dumb about it and it'll work fine.
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            Re: Those of you with Jetters/Pressure Washers

            most smaller pumps will draw water from a a tank by gravity and some will even suck from a lower elevation.

            make sure to use a heavy braided clear line and that way you don't collapse it, plus you can see water flow and any air bubbles.

            other pumps require a positive pressure feed.

            the best bet is to check with the manufacturer of the pump or list the model and we can look it up.

            brand and model #.

            phoebe it is