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American Standard Flappers

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  • American Standard Flappers

    I ran into a couple A/S 1.6 toilets from the mid 90's in the last couple weeks.

    The one I saw today was a Heritage 2-piece. Parts diagram says it's # 738258-0070A

    Flappers are light teal with the float. They look like the coast flappers.

    The one I pulled out looked like it barely seated on the flush valve to begin with.

    The Korky 1.6 flapper worked fine, but I'm curious as to what others have done/used as a generic?

    I've seen the OEM flapper in the Hodes book, but $12 seems a little steep for a flapper.

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    Re: American Standard Flappers

    Probably was a Coast that had faded due to chlorine and time.
    I like the Coast Flush Guard with the changeable inserts that
    work on a variety of standard size flush valves. Also the
    Fluid Master adjustable and they also have a 3" universal
    adjustable for the newer W/C's.


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      Re: American Standard Flappers

      I pretty much just use fluidmasters on everything. I do carry one of the great big ones for the kohler cimarrons.
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