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Water pressure problem

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  • Water pressure problem

    Here's the story: when my (residential) development was first built, water pressures were too high (blown fittings, etc.), so something was added (I'm assuming a reducing valve) after the meter to reduce the pressure. But, ten years later, as the city has grown larger (or for whatever reason), water pressure in the neighborhood has dropped, and now my sprinkler system lacks the pressure required to fully cover its zones (like it used to). So i'd like to find the reducing valve (or whatever was added) and adjust it. So far, I haven't found a reducing valve, just the double check valve assembly (Febco 805Y). Attached is a pic of said assembly (hopefully). I guess my question is, can this device be used to adjust the water pressure? If so, how? If not, any other suggestions?



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    Re: Water pressure problem

    PRVs are found in several locations. The meter pit can be a common place. Look for the main water shutoff in the house and the PRV should be just after that if you have one. The pic you put up is a backflow preventer.

    You said the system is 10 years old. When was the last time the system was serviced? Backflow preventers are suppose to be recertified annually. Both units are mechanical devices and do breakdown and can become clogged depending on the water conditions.


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      Re: Water pressure problem

      has that thing ever been tested? ours are required every year as per the health department.

      what you need to do is get a decent pressure gauge and get a pressure reading of your water supply. both static/ nothing running and with water running.

      too much pressure, above 80psi requires a pressure regulator out here. too little and you can't get your high demand fixtures/ sprinklers to work properly.

      check your pressure and check some of your neighbors pressure. if their is a pressure regulator, you need to find it. also there have been water meters in the past that will cut flow as they wear out. have the water company check their end too.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Water pressure problem

        That device is a backflow preventer, has nothing to do with pressure.