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sump pit installation

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  • sump pit installation


    im installing a 29" wide x 32" deep sump pit in my basement. I dug around the house and footing and ran 4" weeping tile.

    now is where im getting stuck.

    I dug the sump pit about 18" away from the wall. I was wondering if it would be ok to now dig a 4" trench under the footing to connect the weeping tile to the sump pit? and if so

    is there fittings to atach the weeping tile to the sump pit? the pit is made by econix and it has no holes or knock outs in it. do you just drill a 4 1/4" hole in the side of it and stick the weeping tile in ?

    thanks alot

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    Re: sump pit installation

    couple of concerns.

    what height will your drain tile come into the box/ pit? how far off the bottom?

    how deep is your foundation footing you just dug up next too? typically you need to maintain a 45 degree slope from the footing if digging close to it.

    as far as the hole you need, you drill out or core a hole and then insert a pipe and seal it so as to not let it weep back out. but the pipe is suppose to be above the high water level. depending on your pump, that could be 12'' above the bottom of the pit.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: sump pit installation

      the footing is about 12" deep give or take. The pit is not in a corner of the basement because i read somewhere that its not good to dig down that deep in a corner of a basement for a sump pit to undermine the footing.

      if i dig under the footing to bring in the 4" weeping tile I would be near the top most part of the sump pit