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pressure changed dramatically

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  • pressure changed dramatically

    Yesterday I happened noticed that the pressure of my old solar panel system changed dramatically. I found it was about 75psi when I first looked at. I was scared about that because usually it should stay around 35psi. pumps were running at that time. about few minutes when I looked at it again, the pressure returned to normal at about 30psi.

    Is that meams there are air in the system? is that mean the air valve doesn't work properly needs to be changed?

    The air valve must be installed at the highest point of the system? Can I install one in my basement at a corner of the system?

    The air valve on the photo attached is the right one? I remember I read somewhere it should be a different type of air valve when installed outside.
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    Re: pressure changed dramatically

    It's hard to know for certain, but it seems like air could be your problem.

    The air eliminator in the picture looks to be a Taco.

    All air eliminators are not created equal.

    For the new one I would install a Taco or Caleffi.

    The one up high is necessary, if you want to install a secondary one somewhere, you can, but it wont eliminate as much air as the high point will.


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      Re: pressure changed dramatically

      Yes, there is lots of air. Vacation at home and found the pressure is too high, nowhere to go for the hand in the pressure meter. Changed an air eliminator (old one clogged) and released a lots of air but still got high pressure during the sunshine when the hot water's temperature has reached the expected temperature (then circulators will stop work).

      Can I install an air scoop in the basement to eliminator air? it is not easy climbing up to roof to release air.

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