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  • Rusty water

    I purchased an above ground home that caught fire. We myself and father change out everything: insulation, sheetrock, A/C, electrical, gas lines, and of course water piping with galv. pipe about a year and a half ago. I know I know I should have used PEX. We are not plumbers but we hired a lic. plumber who inspected our work and file the job with our local parish goverment. Who inturn sent out an inspector in which we passed.
    Now that being said here is the problem we have been encountering. For about three or four months maybe five we have noticed rusty water coming from faucets though out the home. Leaving a rusty stain on tub, kitchen sink, etc. After water has ran for 20 or 30 sec. it is going. It also appears this week or so that the rusty water is a little less then before. But that may just be do to more use lately.
    The main line coming to the home stub up from ground is 3/4" copper with a brass compression fitting to a brass valve to a brass union to a galv. tee. One side brass outdoor faucet other side 3/4" galv. pipe feeding this raise home. F.Y.I. : Electrical panel ground is connected to galv. water pipe with brass clamp then to ground rod. That also is true for phone and cable lines.
    I have inspected piping to see for any signs of rusting out at joints and unions but have found nothing. At the main water line to house with the copper to brass to galv. all appears fine.
    Does anyone have any clues or suggestion to this problem. Or ways to correct and fix. I await your wisdom.

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    Re: Rusty water

    If you are on a well have you had your water tested for dissolved iron?
    Your 'rust' could be coming from the source, in lite concentrations a water softener will remedy the situation, for higher concentrations there are iron filters to take care of the problem.


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      Re: Rusty water

      not a well. Just hard city water from the westbank of New Orleans.


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        Re: Rusty water

        Assuming the galv. piping is original (surely you didn't repipe with it),
        it probably developed rust from sitting dry for a spell. It may eventually
        flush out with use. The problem with galv. is what you can't see;
        rotten threads in the fittings, rust and scale in the pipe, pitting, etc.


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          Re: Rusty water

          unfortunately you're screwed the gal pipe you installed in most likely the junk from overseas. i never use gal pipe for anything other than gas or air lines. not even gal nipples.

          so depending on how difficult it's to replace, you might need to look into an epoxy coating. this is where they clean and inject a coating of epoxy to seal the pipe from rust.

          there was a time they thought they could restore old gal pipe by blasting out the rusty debris and restrictions. but found out there was no way to regulate the cleaning. so now they concentrate on copper and coat it to prevent pin holes.

          but in your case since the gal pipe is new, they should be able to clean and coat it.

          ace-duraflow is the company that does this work. it doesn't come cheap, but unless you repipe you're problem is going to go from rusty water to leaking water pipes.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Rusty water

            The epoxy coating process including the pipe cleaning process has improved and is frequently used to remedy this situation (rust and brown water from galvanized pipes). You don't need to replace the pipes (repipe). The cleaning process clears the corrosion and tuberculation before lining the pipe. It is effective in copper and galvanized pipes. Nu Flow also provides this solution.
            Nu Flow
            Cost effective pipe rehabilitation solutions for all pressurized and non-pressurized pipe systems. Epoxy coatings since 1987. Structural pipe liners since 1998.
            (800) 834-9597


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              Re: Rusty water

              Take one for the Team, and get rid of the galvanized piping you used for water.

              I know you spent some money on it, but you will thank us in the long run.

              Save some of that piping, and install an outside gas line for your gas grill.


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                Re: Rusty water

                Probably can Re-PEX it faster than any pipe lining system. Copper if you can.