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Sewer pipe, roots & crushed limestone

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  • Sewer pipe, roots & crushed limestone

    I'm having a part of my clay tile sewer pipe replaced that's infested with tree roots. There's clay drain tiles that connect into it as well. I read awhile ago that some plumbers put crushed limestone under and around the pvc pipe and connection. I saw a job done down the street where they put some type of crushed lt tan colored gravel around the pipe, I assume was also crushed limestone.

    Is this common to put crushed limestone around the sewer pipe to prevent more roots from growing into the pipes? Should I make sure they put the limestone in? If I have the clay drain tiles replaced with some type of new drain pipes, should the limestone go in as well? House is 50 years old.


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    Re: Sewer pipe, roots & crushed limestone

    You get 30-40 years from a sewer before it has to be repaired or replace usually, in my area anyways.

    When I lay a new sewer, I pour lime around the bands to prevent roots from growing in, even when you torque your bands, roots will still enter.



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      Re: Sewer pipe, roots & crushed limestone

      we use sand out here 6'' below and above. or slurry if in the public right of way to cover it and prevent settlement of the roadway.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Sewer pipe, roots & crushed limestone

        When we do sewer repairs it is code to have packed stone around and under the pipe. Six inches under the pipe and 12" above the pipe and it should be packed firm under and around the pipe. Myself I prefer grade 8 gravel which is limestone mixed with screening (fine crushed limestone). Some guys like to use grade 6 which is round stone with sand mixed with it.

        The contractor you hire to make this repair will know what the plumbing inspector wants for the repair. If you are doing the repair make sure you are using the right pipe and fittings. Illinois plumbing code is very clear on what type of pipe to use if the water and sewer have a 10' separation. If the water and sewer do not have the 10' separation then you have to use a different pipe according to the code. Also the code wants no-shear bands to be used to make the transition from the clay to your repair pipe.

        One other note some cities and towns want clay pipe put back if there is clay pipe installed already. Thats something to look into with the inspector. When you pull the permit for the job is the best time to ask him what is the required pipe, and type of stone he wants.
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