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Rough in kitchen drain (floor) placement

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  • Rough in kitchen drain (floor) placement

    Hi everyone,
    I'm roughing in a 2" kitchen drain that will go into the floor. The venting will be with a cheater. The sink will fit into a 36" cabinet. I figured I'd eyeball the drain to fit into the right rear corner (the side where the DW is) of where the cabinet will be, but I'm curious as to whether there is a more precise or preferred positioning of the 2" drain within the cabinet.


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    Re: Rough in kitchen drain (floor) placement

    The preferred spot for your drain is to line up with the center of the bowl; if you are putting in a disposal I would put at 16in. off the floor, you are better off being a little low because if you are too high it wont work!


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      Re: Rough in kitchen drain (floor) placement

      It doesn't really matter where you put the 2" drain, because you will be using a "P" trap. Like the above poster said, give yourself some room, incase you install a disposal. Now if you were going through the wall with your 2" pipe, then you would want it in the center of the cabinet, or slightly off. But that also depends if your sink drain is in the center, because if you have a Euro type sink, that drain might be offset to the side.

      If you're using an "S" trap (which isn't allowed in many codes) you need to be more precise. However, you're allowed to use an "S" if it's pre-existing. It all depends on your area and how the enforce they code.
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