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is this piping legal?

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  • is this piping legal?

    I have a bathroom with one toilet, one sink, and one bathtub. Here is what I am planning on doing for the drain:

    The 4" cast iron stack has a 4" sanitary Tee. I am connecting a 4" PVC pipe using a donut and a soil pipe adapter. The 4" PVC is going to the toilet flange (properly sloped). I am planning on having a double Wye in the 4" PVC (4x2x2) to allow connecting the 2" sink drain and the 2" tub drain. The sink drain will be vented (1 1/2" vent) about 2' from the sink and the bathtub (which is on the opposite end of the bathroom) will be vented right at the P trap and goes straight up (above the ceiling into the attic) and then does a horizontal run and connects to the 1 1/2" vent coming from the sink and going straight through the roof.

    Sorry, don't really have any way to describe it better I guess, don't know how I could make a drawing for that. The biggest question is if a double Wye as described above is legal in a horizontal run (the 2" pipes will come into the 4" at the same height).

    Let me know if you don't understand what I'm saying

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    Re: is this piping legal?

    You lost me at "The"

    It's Monday & I know we are all tired and need five more cups of coffee, we need pictures it's easier to process than words. Also If you can make it so we print and color with crayons I would appreciate that...


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      Re: is this piping legal?

      I know. It was worth a try. I don't think you will see more with this though. I suck *** with those things and don't have any idea how to draw the pipes.

      Does that help at all?

      Click image for larger version

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        Re: is this piping legal?

        It sounds like your almost trying to wet vent the W/C with 2 fixtures if you tie the tub and the lav into the 4" between the W/C flange and it's vent(which is probably the stack).If thats the case I wouldn't recommend doing it,if the stack backs up everything ends up in your tub.
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          Re: is this piping legal?

          Yes, that is basically correct. The stack is the vent for the toilet flange. This was basically the same setup which was there before, however, it was a shower and not a tub and the shower was in a different location, the shower was "in line" after the sink. That's why I thought I could do that maybe as well. The problem is that I don't really have access to the stack (it's in a wall and difficult to get to).

          So what should I do here? Should I put another vent in to vent the toilet separately? And if so - where? I can't do a horizontal run of a vent below the fixture (in this case the toilet), right? The only other way I would see is to route the plumbing from the tub and the sink into the stack separately from the toilet, but I don't have the space to do that. Any good ideas?

          And besides that - what I am proposing (regardless of being not the best) would that even be legal?