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stubborn clogged toilet-weird old house

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  • stubborn clogged toilet-weird old house

    Hope you can help. Live in an odd old house. Upstairs (only) Toilet is clogged. Tried an auger & regular plunger. Tried some chemical treatments. It's still clogged & overflows.
    Have had problems with toilet in the past-never this bad. Have been told that the flange is purposefully installed upside down to accomodate this bathroom.
    I'm not an overly handy sort.
    Hope you can offer some suggestions. Have read online about people who put hot water in with Dawn dish soap to release clog. Another site said the hot water could crack the bowl.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: stubborn clogged toilet-weird old house

    what do you think clogged it? baby wipes, sanitary products, toys. do you have small kids using this toilet?

    pulling the toilet is the next step. the auger has a max reach of 6' and your upstairs toilet is on a line that might be 9' or more to the next common connection.

    not sure what you mean by an upside down flange.

    pull the toilet and take some photos to post. chances are it's in a horizontal line before the common connection. vertical pipes don't tend to plug.

    phoebe it is