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Advice on Small Leak at Sewer Line Connection

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  • Advice on Small Leak at Sewer Line Connection

    Looking for advice on a small leak at the connection between the PVC drain line and the connection to the external sewer line. I've taken a couple of pictures of the connection and was hoping someone could tell me how the connection was made and what I can do to fix the leak. The leak is nothing more than a small drip every now and then. We've moved and I don't have access to the house. The pictures were taken by my realtor. It also appears that there is some kind of liner material that the PVC pipe was inserted into. Is this typical? I can't really tell, but was hoping someone here knew more about how this connection was made. What options are available to fix it. Based on the color of the puddle, it appears that leak contains some iron in it. Someone put duct tape on the pipe, probably the previous owner. In the 5 years we lived at the house, I never noticed any problems at this connection (never even noticed the duct tape until my realtor pointed it out).

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    Re: Advice on Small Leak at Sewer Line Connection

    you have abs pipe that looks to be connected to a stub of existing cast iron.

    remove the tape so we can see the connection. you might just need a proper mission/ fernco band that goes from 3''? or 4'' plastic to cast iron.

    if the cast is not good, then you will have to remove the lead joint from the hub. something better left for a qualified plumber.

    see if you can post a picture without the duct tape.

    phoebe it is