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    Re: ho

    It will pay more down the road plus with the union there is a pension plan. I think having a plumbing license alone will provide me with more security in the future. The career change is something I would like to do but I just wish I could know how my apprenticeship would go. will there be alot of work, will they make me travel far? I have also just told my current boss about the job offer from the union and he is telling me that in time i will become a supervisor at my work but would not say when or even give me a time frame on it. so, I dont know.


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      Re: change careers?

      the union is a great way to learn the trade and get the education.

      but judging from your current situation, why not see if you could work on your day off/ saturday? with a local service shop and see if you like the path without committing full time to a career change.

      if you were single or had no children, the situation would be different. but at this point, you're making a giant sacrifice looking for the payoff down the road. that's the difficult decision you have.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: change careers?

        yes the union does have great training and education and that is something I like about it. I had thought about just working on the weekends and evenings with a local service shop but was concerned that nobody would be interested in hiring me for those hours and that I wouldnt learn anything except how to clear drains. Your absolutely right, If I were single this decision would be pretty easy to make... its the fact that I have a family to support that makes it so difficult. I am also worried that I might be throwing away a great opportunity by not joining the union. I really need a crystal ball... or a DeLorean.


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          Re: change careers?

          or a DeLorean.
          with the optional 1.21GW flux capacitor right?
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