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Hot water flow restriction

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  • Hot water flow restriction

    Had a plumber come to look at kitchen faucet to tell me the cause for the slow hot water flow (no problem with cold water). Was informed that it was a water flow restriction and that it needed to be CO2 blasted. What is CO2 blasting (I know co2 is carbon dioxide) how does it apply to my plumbing problem?

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    Re: Hot water flow restriction

    co2 is just a portable supply of compressed air/carbon dioxide we use.

    here's the problem. typically if the problem has been long term, the chances of blowing it out are poor. if it's a galvanized steel water pipe issue with gal steel nipples coming out of the wall, the first place i would look is at the angle stop/ shut off valve at the wall.

    if it's a copper system, i would look closer at the faucet.

    first thin you do is disconnect the water flex and let it run into a 5 gallon bucket. sometimes you can shut off the water heater and connect the cold water flex at the kitchen shut off to the hot and blow it back out with the cold water. but you need to keep open a tub hot valve to allow for flow and a place for the pressure to go.

    if i was a gambling man i would try my suggestions first before you bust with the co2 method. plus you should be able to do it yourself and save some chips

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Hot water flow restriction

      The dealer is showing an ace and the count is high. Now is the time to take the insurance and call in a real plumber. Don't let anyone supercharge your lines without taking the time to double check the faucet and stop for obstructions. This is as foolish as taking a hit on a 14 when the dealer is showing a six.
      Once you become a pickle you can't go back to being a cucumber.