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Tying into drain to?

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  • Tying into drain to?

    Hi all,
    I'm currently finishing my basement and about 6 months ago cut out the slab and installed PVC drain piping for a shower, toilet, and sink. The main line is a 4" pipe that runs to the ejector pit. My wife now wants to add a sink to the kitchen area and I need to tie into the 4" line with the 2" sink drain. My question is how to do this exactly? I can't just buy a 4" "T" with a 2" tie in...I won't be able to get it I'm thinking the rubber connector with fastened to the pipe...but then i'm worried about leakage out of the pipe...your advice would be very helpful.Thanks

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    Re: Tying into drain to?

    Don't use a Tee, use either a Combo (combination wye and 1/8 bend) or a wye (4x2) I would use (and I'm not sure if they are called diferent anywhere else) a HUSKY band for under the ground, and possible encase it in concrete, the also make 4" repair couplings, but one you have to be quick with it, have enough room to work with it, and I have never trusted putting it in the ground yet. and when you run to your sink, install a cleanout under the sink for good measure, I personally love using Cleanouts on everything, Then run your vent out the roof.
    I don't bite my finger nails, I KNOW when payday is, and yes, it can run uphill when it gets blocked(or you install a grinder pump) so HA!!!!