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Island sink???

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  • Island sink???

    Help, my daughter just purchased a 20 year old home in Toronto and wants to have the kitchen renewed before moving in. This means choosing cabinets now to be ready for her move in date.Here is the dilemma.

    The kitchen is over an unheated garage. The existing plumbing comes up from the furnace room which is directly behind the garage on the lower level. If she leaves the layout basically the same then there are no plumbing issues. But of course she would like an island with a sink and dishwasher. This would mean the plumbing would now be about six feet away from that back wall. My thinking is the water lines and drain could go directly down through the floor int the garage and then along the ceiling for 6 feet and through the wall into the furnace room where everything is now. Then box in the plumbing on the garage ceiling, insulate and provide heat to this boxed in area from the furnace room.

    Is this possible? Any special venting issues? The floor joists run the wrong way so not possible just to put things between floor joists.

    Since the house closes in November she needs to decide soon on a layout and wants to be sure she can have plumbing in an island before going this route.

    Hope someone can guide us. Thanks Rookie.

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    Re: Island sink???

    island sinks still require an island vent. you still would need to vent it up a wall to the roof. not to mention an underfloor waste line and island vent line, plus the island venting inside the cabinet.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Island sink???

      A clean out under the sink would be nice, too.
      Better yet, leave the plumbing as is or enlist a pro.


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        Re: Island sink???

        This should show you what you need.


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          Re: Island sink???

          [QUOTE=shacko;306711]This should show you what you need.[/QUOTE
          I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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            Re: Island sink???

            That isometric drawing is the way to go, just make sure there is enough room to do it under the garage because you still have to have a certain amount of HEAD CLEARANCE below on the ceiling of the garage for code.
            I don't bite my finger nails, I KNOW when payday is, and yes, it can run uphill when it gets blocked(or you install a grinder pump) so HA!!!!