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Sump Pump not pumping out any water

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  • Sump Pump not pumping out any water

    Hi, We have a SSP-1000 Sump Pump, just the other day i noticed that the pump will turn on when the water level comes up to the sensor, but the pump will not discharge any water, how do i tell if th epump is clogged with any debris and how do i go about cleaning it out, thank you for your help.

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    Re: Sump Pump not pumping out any water

    I'm afraid you're going to have to get dirty, and are you sure it is coming on, or is it just HUMMING? Even if it is doing that, that almost fules out the FLOAT switch, next thing to do is pull it out, go out side wash it down, and plug it in (INTO A GFCI PLUG!!!) see what happens, if it HUMMS but the FINS are not turning then something has blocked it or possible worse case scenerio,(don't know specs) it could have seperated frm the shaft that allow it to spin.

    Do not leave it pluged in long just long enough to see if it spins then un plug it before you attempt to do anything else
    I don't bite my finger nails, I KNOW when payday is, and yes, it can run uphill when it gets blocked(or you install a grinder pump) so HA!!!!