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ORC system for turbine

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  • ORC system for turbine

    Hi - I'm evaluating making power to sell to a utility using this device

    I have to make a hot water system to meet specs ie 200 f at 32 gpm.

    This was fun but now I am tired of it. I need to have a resevoir of 200 f water

    2000 gal recycs at 1 hour

    1000 gal recycs at 30 mins

    500 gals recycs at 15 mins

    I have an idea how to do it but I'm not certain its best so please recommend something if I am missing the point.

    I think I can have a tank of 500 gallons and heat that to 200 f. The tank will be insulated as much as possible.

    If I have a 100 k boiler, can it do the job? That depends. If there is 100% heat loss no but depending on the insulation and the heat loss, can I get that figure within a few hours? Does the heat collect enough for it to accumulate?

    500 gal * 6 lbs * 135 (diff to raise 65 f water to 200 f water) = 400,000 btu

    I wont need that all the time, perhaps I need a kicker system to make the water that hot and then a maintenance system to keep it warm.

    So whats up?


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    Re: ORC system for turbine

    just for fun as it appears to be a spam link.

    water weighs 8.3# per gallon. your #'s are off.

    so my real question is, you're converting a form of gas to heat water, then converting the heat to run a turbine to make electricity.

    so is gas so much cheaper that you can buy gas, then still produce a profit converting it to electricity

    if it's spam, you're toast, if it's legit, please explain as i didn't open your link.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: ORC system for turbine

      Hi Rick, no not spam. Thank you for answering. I'm just impulsive.

      WE (Wisconsin Energies) pays $.15 an hour for alternative energy and they sign 15 year agreements. I started with biodigestion using manure and then evaluated dead cows as a source of feedstock as the results are better but I have to dispose of the digestate. You can make stuff called MBM meat bone meal and burn that "somehow" for more energy.

      You can run boilers on wood chips or you can make your own pellets or buy pellets. Wood chips are $15 a ton and then you can make your own pellets but I think they will be of low quality. Still usable but of low quality with less heat

      This waste water plan looks good but its only rated 10Kwh. And I'll get $700 a month.

      I got very good news from the manufacturer. The evap water comes out 50F higher. Very cool! That will help much.

      So what do you think now about my closed loop system? Can I bank the BTU's to achieve 200 F?

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