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Update on my tankless.

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    Re: Quick Comparison

    Originally posted by Lee H View Post
    Heres a quick comparison based on new versus new (83% tankless vrs a standard tank)
    Thank you Lee, that's very interesting. I can also attest to the high cost of electric, especially the electric resistance heating. When we purchased the house in 1987 it was an all electric monster. We hooked up to natural gas 15 years ago and found quite a savings with the gas hwbb heat & new hw heater.


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      Re: Quick Comparison

      Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
      If I'm reading it correctly, that table shows a savings of about $5.00 a month when using a tankless. And that appears to be one tankless.


      You are correct sir, based on heating 60 gallons a day up 70 degrees.

      1 tank / 1 tankless (84%)

      The more you use, the more you would save proportionally.


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        Re: Update on my tankless.

        No smoke and mirrors there

        A BTU is a BTU, a KW a KW. water weighs the same it takes the same BTU's to raise the water temp.

        EF (Energy Factor) which keeps everyone honest is the constant.

        Regarding my personal tankless, it was never about saving money but all about never running out of hot water without having multiple tanks.


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          Re: Update on my tankless.

          I too am surprised to see such savings; I think the hoopla about savings is largely marketing. Tankless makes sense to me for high demand applications where you'd run out of hot, or for space savings, but not for $ savings.
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