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SF-2500 Pipe Freezer

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  • SF-2500 Pipe Freezer

    SF-2500 Pipe Freezer
    Posted Today at 08:46 AM by sunrise
    Having problems with pipe freezer sometimes it works then while freezing it start to defrost.Does it need to re-gased ?

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    Re: SF-2500 Pipe Freezer

    is it possible that you're getting flow from a downstream fixture that's thawing your frost line?

    try it on a dead ended pipe or set up a sample pipe in the vertical position with the bottom capped and the top open and exposed. fill with water and see what's happening.

    typically when it's low, it just won't get cold enough.


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      Re: SF-2500 Pipe Freezer

      Hi, Thanks for reply the pipe to be frozen had a control valve on one end so there was no water flow within the pipe. I'm a plumber from Sydney been plumbing for twenty years.