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Sump pump problem

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  • Sump pump problem

    I have a sump pump that is fed through holes drilled in the sump liner. It still lets a lot of water into the basement. The pump does not have a adjustable float which I feel might be the problem. The sump fills up to within maybe 4 inches of the top before it starts pumping. By then I think the water has a head start. Do you think a adjustable float would help?

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    Re: Sump pump problem

    how deep is the sump pit and what are the dimensions? how high of a lift/ head of water do you pump and what model and specs are your pump?

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Sump pump problem

      The problem with the pump triggering when the water is that high is that the slab has hundreds of gallons worth of water under it to drain. This space normally acts as a buffer to hold water during a power outage, so if you have very little capacity left, you can flood.

      I have a submersible with a tethered float. It was long to the point where it was coming very close to the side of the liner, and the water had to get high for it to trigger. I shortened the length a little and it works great.

      If you have a pedestal, then you can adjust the water height that triggers the pump.