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Uneven toliet flange

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  • Uneven toliet flange

    I'm going to tile a small bath floor in a rental I own. The flange is set uneven in the concrete floor and the high point of the flange is about 1/8" below the level of the concrete. The low side of the flange is about 1/4" lower.
    The tile I'm using is 3/8" so with thinset, I'll be raising the floor level about another 1/2". I know there are flange extensions but I've never used one so I'm not sure just what they're like. Is there a way to both extend and level the flange without chopping out a large amount of concrete?
    I'm thinking about using a flange extender and packing it with silicone underneath, would this be a good idea?

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    Re: Uneven toliet flange

    honestly the flange will end up approx 3/4'' below the finished tile floor on a concrete slab. truthfully a double wax ring is acceptable. i will stack a flanged wax ring on top of a regular ring. this will basically form a double thick seal and the plastic flange / horn will keep things properly aligned.

    raising the flange with those plastic extenders is asking for a leak.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Uneven toliet flange

      I would double wax it as well, but with 2 regular wax rings.